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Learn How Our System Works In 3 Simple Steps!

I need to rent a place for short term?

Are you looking for a place to stay for a few days / weeks while traveling? Just follow these 3 simple steps to book a short term rental after registration:

We provide the best quality accommodation at the lowest price. What are you waiting for? Start browsing our database of short term rentals now! Once you have place an online booking, you will receive confirmation from owner within 24 hours. Full payment is required within 48 hours after confirmation. It is compulsory to give the payment code to the owner during check in.

How do I make payment?

We accept payments via Cash Deposit Machine (CIMB Bank), credits cards, debit cards and Paypal. Kindly contact our support team for our CIMB bank account number once your booking status is reflected as "Pending Payment".

How does the deposit work?

Deposit is to be paid directly to the owner during check in. If there is no damages and missing items from the unit, owners will refund the full deposit during check out.

Can I get a refund?

We guarantee all listings on our websites. If you are unable to contact the host to check-in, or if the place is not as shown or described in the listing, please contact our support team . Any complaints must be reported to our support team within 24 hours from check in date with solid proof (eg: photos).If you are entitled for a refund, the processing period will be within 14 - 21 days.

Can I preview the unit before booking?

We do not allow any previews before payment. If you have any inquiries about the unit, kindly email to our support team together with the url link of the advertisement.

What is the check in / out time?

The standard check in / check out time is 2pm / 12 pm. However, some owners may their own time preference. Do get in touch with our support team for more information.

I Want To Rent Out My Place

STEP 1: List Your Place & Get Approval Within 2 working days

We will handle the promotion, online booking, and payment collection of your property, while you just sit back and wait for guests to place bookings for your unit.

How much is the processing fee?

We charge the host a standard 10% processing fee (lowest in the industry) and additional 6% (SST) from the 10% for all bookings. For example, if you have listed your property for PhP100 a night and a guest books for 1 night, you will be earning PhP89.40 for this booking.

Booking amount: PhP100
90%: PhP90
6% (SST) from 10% (processing fee): PhP0.60

Payment to owner: PhP89.40

How do I get paid?

You will need to collect the payment code from the guest during check-in, and enter it into our system to redeem your earnings. We release your earnings up to 14 working days after the check-in date via PayPal. Please make sure your payment settings are correctly set up. Finance can only start processing the payment once we have received the payment code.

What if the guest fails to show up?

We guarantee all bookings on our websites. So if the guest fails to show up, or cancels at the last minute, you will still be able to receive your payment in full. Kindly reach out to our support team for assistance if inconvenience occurs.